Place-Based Solutions. turns existing passive TV screens into revenue-generating, internet connected and engaged assets; bringing together local, regional and online content for your in-venue audience.

We offer industry standard banner and side-car ad positions, with formatting that will not interrupt an existing content feed. However, we also have the ability to use full motion video on selected screens throughout the venue bringing various customized content to the audience.

Venue Partners will quickly fall in love with the value in creating engaging opportunities for their customers, while also sharing in the advertising revenue serves on their screens.

Screens which to date are a “cost of doing business”, become an additional revenue provider for your venue. Simply Smart.

  • We are an innovative Place-Based Digital advertising IoT Device Solution, that lights up "passive” (non-revenue generating) screens to generate ad revenue and gather data from engaged consumers.

  • We have developed a unique, Place-Based technology solution called PANDA, that enables almost any screen to connect to the internet and deliver ad messages and content, while continuously gathering key consumer data.

  • Unlike all other Placed-Based advertising products currently in use, our PANDA device allows for static and full-motion video options on the venue’s screens, as well as a variety of ad sales models to ensure revenue generation is maximized.

  • Advertisers know audiences are connected everywhere they go and serves as the connection point for in-venue impressions to this highly engaged audience.


Programmatic Advertising Network Delivery Appliance Fusion Templates, through our Smart Screen Management Software (SSMS,) are IAB compatible and designed for programmatic ad placement.

We feature various banners and ad positions while reformatting the main content or cable feed. also offers main screen takeover on select locations (varies by venue) to deliver full motion video, for industry standard commercial formatting, or with licensed content.

We will be launching our first PMP (Private Marketplace) through in 2020. This platform provides programmatic buying efficiency, offer the best inventory available and streamline ad buying for direct sales.

If you’re a bar owner, you’ll want to add your screens to our community, as advertisers will quickly adapt as a “go-to” ready-made solution when looking to reach consumers who visit bars, restaurants, and pubs.

As future verticals are developed and deployed by the development team, specific PMPs will be created for each, so as to maximize inventory availability and target-able opportunities.

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Audience Data.

Another important feature of P.A.N.D.A is its use of integrated sensors to measure the audience in any given venue at the time the ad is displayed by counting the people in the room through mobile, or other smart devices. P.A.N.D.A records the place-based impressions creating the value of the ad insertion.

Our PinPoint system can direct advertisements to a location and screen, based upon the typical in-venue audience at that venue, not necessarily based on the content of that screen. The wealth of consumer-based information our system collects provides an audit trail of impressions and viewers as a proof-of-play to our clients and, more importantly, rich data feedback to advertisers as well.

Where are we?

Here’s a full interactive list of locations we’re currently plugged into.